What is this?

Okay, so I began creating this blog last month, but never got around to finishing the setup. I decided a while back that it might be cool for me to create a blog about my cycling adventures. If you read the ‘about me’ page, I describe how we have come to this point. But why would it be fun to blog about it? Well for one, I tend to forget things very easily so writing it down helps. Two, I also like to tell other people what I think (if they listen/read or not that’s another story). Three, I also like to talk about products (hint hint), people, places & things relating to cycling. So be forwarned about what you’re getting yourself into. That being said, away we go! I hope you enjoy the ride!

BTW, what’s with the name of the blog? I’m a biking n00b, but that was already taken. Nevermind the point that I’m working hard to NOT be a n00b anymore. I wanted something catchy and this is what I came up with. Oh yeah, and it’s my fundamental rule for cycling “keep 2 wheels down.”

    • oldguy
    • February 15th, 2010

    it’s a good blog title – nice job

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