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my first BRICK


So having decided to do a triathlon in the sometime near not exactly certain when future, I thought I should step up my game and do a BRICK training workout. Those of you (was me before a few weeks ago) who aren’t accustomed to tri-speak it means training on two disciplines in the same workout. For me it was biking then running for the first time. I hadn’t really thought it all the way through until I was already on my ride. I was finally in the saddle again this week when I decided I may as well go for it. I was planning on a 16-18 mile ride and just figured I could tack on a 3 mile run at the end. The weatherman once again missed the mark, and I was faced with 20+ MPH winds on my return. I rerouted to try to get some coverage which helped quite a bit. I wasn’t looking forward to being spent before I began the run. Lately my knees have been aching a bit, and it was no different on the bike. (Side thought, I wonder if my saddle needs adjusted even though I did a complete fit & adjustment in August). I finished up my ride at 16 miles and coasted the last half mile to rest the legs.

Since I hadn’t planned on it, my running gear wasn’t layed out awaiting my transition. I jumped inside, redressed, grabbed a gu and was out the door. I restarted my runkeeper¬†app and was on my way. WOW, my legs really felt heavy. Quite a different sensation, but I still felt strong in being able to tackle this. I also noticed immediately that my heart rate was staying at a higher BPM than I would have liked. My average for the bike ride was 150, and I was already creeping up to 170 when I started running. I turned the pace down a bit and plowed on. Just after I hit a mile, I was beginning to

rethink my decision to make it 3 miles. I slammed my gu, and pressed on. Mile 2 wasn’t so bad, and once I started mile 3 I knew I was in good shape (to make it home, not that I was doing stellar or anything). I was doing a different route, so I made it back into my neighborhood at the 3 mile mark which was nice to give me a quarter mile cool down. My final average HR ended up being 163 for the run. After reading up on brick training, it sounds like this is fairly normal to see.

Anyway I feel good having knocked out a good training; I got some miles in on my bike and I sustained 10:30 miles (which is pretty average for me.) After replenishing some calories I quickly took a couple of Aleve, we’ll see how the old legs feel in the morning. ūüôā


Birthday & Swimming

So yeah, in case you missed the memo, my birthday was on Tuesday. Thanks for all the well wishes! And yes, you local ATX folks will have noticed that I did indeed receive a most awesome present with the snow on my birthday! Not just any snow, snow in Austin, and the most snow¬†that’s been here in 6 years! It was fun! Note the picture of my princess enjoying the fluffy white stuff.¬†¬†In other birthday news, I received Glee Vol 1 (don’t judge me, it’s good stuff) and a cool extended battery for my iPhone from my brother. I had forgotten that I added it to my wish list a while back. It’ll be fun because it will enable me to track my long rides on my iPhone runkeeper app without running out of battery! My wife however took the cookies. Well she didn’t take all the cookies, in fact we enjoyed lots of cake and cookies from the world-famous Round Rock Donuts¬†bakery. I’m digressing. I guess my wife had heard enough about my ponderings¬†if/when I could do a triathlon. So she got me some nice goggles, new running gear and a swimsuit. Ummm, game on! I’m not sure what all her motives were. It could have been to shut me up; to fully support my crazy endeavors; or since she was a rockstar long distance swimmer in high-school- to show me whose boss when it comes to the water. Or probably a combination of all! Regardless I personally saw it as a green light to begin triathlon training. So I went down to the Clay Madsen Rec Center¬†and joined. It’s only a couple miles from our house and they have a great 25 yard pool that’s split in lanes most days. This will make it super easy and convenient to swim. They gave me my fancy ID badge and I was on my way. So I get suited up, and jump in the pool. I brought my HRM¬†with me so that I could keep track of the ol’ ticker while I was swimming too. I psych myself out and begin swimming. A few strokes down and my goggles have water in them. I stop, adjust the straps and I’m on my way. After that it was smooth sailing, or at least that’s what in my head I thought it would look like. All in all I completed 300m and I’m sure from the lifeguards standpoint it was probably pretty comical. Watching some dude flail his way back and forth, stopping to rest and flailing again. Whatev… you have to start somewhere right? Here’s to developing some fins over the next few months!

AC2 strikes again

I promise that every other post will not be ranting about the Austin weather lately, maybe just this last one… Anyhow Team Austin Cycle Camp¬†was geared up for a great hookie ride last Friday. Dionne, one of our ride coordinators posted this route and made the beck and¬†call. I hadn’t ridden part of the route and wanted some miles so I took a half day¬†and made my way down south for the ride. On the drive down it was misting/foggy/not really sure what to call it mess. A total of 6 of us arrived at the meeting spot, all with that curious look on our faces. Our nice sunny week had turned cloudy, cooler and slight precipitation. We finally decided what the heck we’re all there so we may as well get out and ride. Consensus was¬†we just needed to take it a bit slower and be careful.

The first 5 miles of the route was a reversal of some of our frequent riding out that way (usually at the end), which was a total head¬†trip because there’s some nice downhill and it gives you false hope about the remaining part of the ride. As soon as we hit Pecos and follow it with Balcones going north, we all knew this ride was legit. I was feeling good on the hills as I’ve really been trying to build strength for such routes. However my rear cassette was slipping and making some wild noises when I would crank it out uphill. I had been wondering the past week or so if I needed a new chain… and now I was praying it would hold through the ride. Being the cautious riders we were, and scared to death on a couple of downhills, we opted out of some of the crazy hills originally on the route. We head south on 360 back to the start. I hadn’t done the whole stretch of 360 before so that was also a nice accomplishment. It’s always fun when you’re trying to visualize a route, thinking there’s one more hill, not sure, and BAM there it is. Anyway it was a fun ride, we were all wet and cold, but we did it. And some of us decided to warm up with some great Tex-Mex from Zuzu’s afterwards.

P.S. on the way home I dropped my baby at Nelo’s Cycles¬†to take a look-see… ended up with a new chain and a derailleur adjustment. We’re ready to roll now, please bring on the spring weather!

Riding Pedal Thru The Pines

I had been wavering on what rides to do in the coming months and solicited feedback from everyone. I appreciate those who voiced their opinion in my poll. I have gone ahead and registered for the first ride which will be on March 6th. I’ll be doing the Metric Century (65 miles)¬†in¬†the Pedal Thru The Pines ride. It promises to be a beautiful ride outside of Austin in Bastrop, TX. The ride is hosted by and¬†benefits Family Crisis Center. There’s still time to register for all of you on the fence, so come on out and join the fun! I hope to get a couple of other long rides in before then, but we’ll see how the schedule goes. Several of my Team Austin Cycle Camp peeps have registered, so it should be lots of fun.

Product Review: CarboRocket

Part of my blogging idea was to have periodic product reviews. This just so happens to be the first one of those. I’ve been an avid reader of the Fat Cyclist blog since I starting riding last year, anyone who reads Eldin’s blog knows he’s a big fan of CarboRocket. I’m always looking to try different products and find that ‘magic fit’ of drinks, eats and recovery goods. I signed up¬†for the CarboRocket¬†newsletter and was shipped¬†a couple of samples. The first round must have been mistaken by the USPS as some interplanetary ballistic missile¬†components as I received¬†a package that contained¬†a completely destroyed envelope and packets. I got ahold of the guys at CR and they gladly shipped me a new sample. The last couple of rides I’ve been on I mixed up CR and had it in one bottle. The mix has¬†about 100 calories so it’s a good option to intake some of your fuel needs via liquid. The flavors I got to try were Raspberry¬†Lemonade and Kiwi Lime. The taste was good, smooth and not over-powering. All things I appreciate¬†on a bike. It is a bit different from¬†if you’re used to the ‘major players’ in sports drinks. However unlike those drinks, CR doesn’t contain a bunch of crap in it and is made¬†from all-natural ingredients. The mix also doesn’t have any protein, for their explanation click here. It’s got a 2:1 balance of Maltodextrin to Fructose. You can buy 25 servings for about 20 bucks so the price is on par too. All in all a great product and I look forward to trying it again. Word on the street is they are going to sponsor a ride for my team- Austin Cycle Camp. Gee, I wonder who made that call? ūüôāCarboRocket samples

Which Rides for March?

I’m having a hard time choosing what to ride this March, help me pick.

Rainy Riding & Paying it Forward to Kids

Okay, so this post was totally supposed to go up last week, but if you follow me¬†on twitter than you know I was pounding away at two trade shows, on in OKC then back in Austin. So needless to say life was crazy. I’ll post about this weekend later.

Anyway, I was in need of a¬†mental health day so¬†I got the chance to slip away with some of my Austin Cycle Camp peeps for a ride. The route was to take us from our normal south meeting spot (the Coffee Bean) up part of 360 then out Bee Caves and hit a little hill on the way back. I was excited¬†because being a north-sider, I had only driving down Bee Caves and it looked like a fun bunch of rollers. Today was a special ride for a couple of reasons though. First it had stopped (kinda) raining. It’s been more like Seattle lately than Austin so we were all very excited to be outside and not get soaked. Also, our Team Austin Cycle Camp kits had finally arrived! We would be the first group who actually got to roll out sporting our new goods!back of the AC2 jersey

The jerseys are pretty sweet if I do say so myself. The back is full of our rocking sponsors like Grease Monkey Wipes and of course Coffee Bean.getting ready to roll out in the AC2 kits¬†Anyway we roll out and endure the cold hard winds in our face on the way out. I was right about Bee Caves, it does have some nice rollers. It was also fun having riders like Alexis along who are like rabbits that slingshot out and then you get to play catch up coming back down the hills. We make our turn around point and regroup for a few minutes. The return route was awesome, the wind on the back, some extra downhill decent, it was just great! After we returned I felt invigorated. We climbed over 2,000 feet in 30 miles. That was the total climbing for the LiveStrong¬†Challenge I did in October and thought I might die. It would appear¬†that the group rides I’m suffering through with AC2, and the hill repeats on my own seem to be paying off. We did end up finding some water towards the end of the route. But what’s more fun than breaking in a new jersey with a little mud?!?

That afternoon I got the privilege to be¬†a part of something very cool. A local elementary school had decided to participate in a program called Freikers¬†(FREquent bIKER, rhymes with biker). waiting in line for free helmets & fittingThey are the first school in the state of Texas to take up this program. Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo with the kidsThere’s a tower mounted at the school run off of a solar panel. Each kid gets a RFID inside their helmet to check-in each time they ride. The can earn prizes for most number of rides, etc. The school will also receive recognition for number or rides against other schools. A combination of efforts from the Austin Cycling Association, Social Cycling ATX, Trek Bikes, Bicycle Sport Shop, and the Texas Bicycling Coalition¬†really put together an awesome kickoff. There was¬†a bike rodeo where Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo rode with the kids and a bike tune-up & repair stand. In addition to that¬†over 300 helmets were donated¬†and properly fitted for the kids! It was very humbling to be¬†a little part of this great event. Props to everyone involved!¬†I really hope that after other schools in the area see the success of this program that it will spread like a wildfire. Such a great concept! There’s already so many kids that ride their bikes to school, why not reward it and encourage others to do the same? Not to mention properly fitting their helmets and teaching about bike safety. You can see more pictures and read about the Statesman’s coverage here.