AC2 strikes again

I promise that every other post will not be ranting about the Austin weather lately, maybe just this last one… Anyhow Team Austin Cycle Camp was geared up for a great hookie ride last Friday. Dionne, one of our ride coordinators posted this route and made the beck and call. I hadn’t ridden part of the route and wanted some miles so I took a half day and made my way down south for the ride. On the drive down it was misting/foggy/not really sure what to call it mess. A total of 6 of us arrived at the meeting spot, all with that curious look on our faces. Our nice sunny week had turned cloudy, cooler and slight precipitation. We finally decided what the heck we’re all there so we may as well get out and ride. Consensus was we just needed to take it a bit slower and be careful.

The first 5 miles of the route was a reversal of some of our frequent riding out that way (usually at the end), which was a total head trip because there’s some nice downhill and it gives you false hope about the remaining part of the ride. As soon as we hit Pecos and follow it with Balcones going north, we all knew this ride was legit. I was feeling good on the hills as I’ve really been trying to build strength for such routes. However my rear cassette was slipping and making some wild noises when I would crank it out uphill. I had been wondering the past week or so if I needed a new chain… and now I was praying it would hold through the ride. Being the cautious riders we were, and scared to death on a couple of downhills, we opted out of some of the crazy hills originally on the route. We head south on 360 back to the start. I hadn’t done the whole stretch of 360 before so that was also a nice accomplishment. It’s always fun when you’re trying to visualize a route, thinking there’s one more hill, not sure, and BAM there it is. Anyway it was a fun ride, we were all wet and cold, but we did it. And some of us decided to warm up with some great Tex-Mex from Zuzu’s afterwards.

P.S. on the way home I dropped my baby at Nelo’s Cycles to take a look-see… ended up with a new chain and a derailleur adjustment. We’re ready to roll now, please bring on the spring weather!

    • oldguy
    • February 23rd, 2010

    sorry I missed the ride, we got rained out on the following Saturday

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