Birthday & Swimming

So yeah, in case you missed the memo, my birthday was on Tuesday. Thanks for all the well wishes! And yes, you local ATX folks will have noticed that I did indeed receive a most awesome present with the snow on my birthday! Not just any snow, snow in Austin, and the most snow that’s been here in 6 years! It was fun! Note the picture of my princess enjoying the fluffy white stuff.  In other birthday news, I received Glee Vol 1 (don’t judge me, it’s good stuff) and a cool extended battery for my iPhone from my brother. I had forgotten that I added it to my wish list a while back. It’ll be fun because it will enable me to track my long rides on my iPhone runkeeper app without running out of battery! My wife however took the cookies. Well she didn’t take all the cookies, in fact we enjoyed lots of cake and cookies from the world-famous Round Rock Donuts bakery. I’m digressing. I guess my wife had heard enough about my ponderings if/when I could do a triathlon. So she got me some nice goggles, new running gear and a swimsuit. Ummm, game on! I’m not sure what all her motives were. It could have been to shut me up; to fully support my crazy endeavors; or since she was a rockstar long distance swimmer in high-school- to show me whose boss when it comes to the water. Or probably a combination of all! Regardless I personally saw it as a green light to begin triathlon training. So I went down to the Clay Madsen Rec Center and joined. It’s only a couple miles from our house and they have a great 25 yard pool that’s split in lanes most days. This will make it super easy and convenient to swim. They gave me my fancy ID badge and I was on my way. So I get suited up, and jump in the pool. I brought my HRM with me so that I could keep track of the ol’ ticker while I was swimming too. I psych myself out and begin swimming. A few strokes down and my goggles have water in them. I stop, adjust the straps and I’m on my way. After that it was smooth sailing, or at least that’s what in my head I thought it would look like. All in all I completed 300m and I’m sure from the lifeguards standpoint it was probably pretty comical. Watching some dude flail his way back and forth, stopping to rest and flailing again. Whatev… you have to start somewhere right? Here’s to developing some fins over the next few months!

  1. Happy Belated birthday, Andrew. Good luck with the swimming….hope you find your groove very soon.

    • BrookTW
    • February 27th, 2010

    Reminds me of my first pool workout 4 years ago. I couldn’t swim more than 50yds without stopping to catch my breath. I ended up getting lessons from the swim coach at my college and it helped a ton. Sounds like you might be married to a good coach, take advantage of that!

    Good luck and happy birthday!

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