my first BRICK


So having decided to do a triathlon in the sometime near not exactly certain when future, I thought I should step up my game and do a BRICK training workout. Those of you (was me before a few weeks ago) who aren’t accustomed to tri-speak it means training on two disciplines in the same workout. For me it was biking then running for the first time. I hadn’t really thought it all the way through until I was already on my ride. I was finally in the saddle again this week when I decided I may as well go for it. I was planning on a 16-18 mile ride and just figured I could tack on a 3 mile run at the end. The weatherman once again missed the mark, and I was faced with 20+ MPH winds on my return. I rerouted to try to get some coverage which helped quite a bit. I wasn’t looking forward to being spent before I began the run. Lately my knees have been aching a bit, and it was no different on the bike. (Side thought, I wonder if my saddle needs adjusted even though I did a complete fit & adjustment in August). I finished up my ride at 16 miles and coasted the last half mile to rest the legs.

Since I hadn’t planned on it, my running gear wasn’t layed out awaiting my transition. I jumped inside, redressed, grabbed a gu and was out the door. I restarted my runkeeper app and was on my way. WOW, my legs really felt heavy. Quite a different sensation, but I still felt strong in being able to tackle this. I also noticed immediately that my heart rate was staying at a higher BPM than I would have liked. My average for the bike ride was 150, and I was already creeping up to 170 when I started running. I turned the pace down a bit and plowed on. Just after I hit a mile, I was beginning to

rethink my decision to make it 3 miles. I slammed my gu, and pressed on. Mile 2 wasn’t so bad, and once I started mile 3 I knew I was in good shape (to make it home, not that I was doing stellar or anything). I was doing a different route, so I made it back into my neighborhood at the 3 mile mark which was nice to give me a quarter mile cool down. My final average HR ended up being 163 for the run. After reading up on brick training, it sounds like this is fairly normal to see.

Anyway I feel good having knocked out a good training; I got some miles in on my bike and I sustained 10:30 miles (which is pretty average for me.) After replenishing some calories I quickly took a couple of Aleve, we’ll see how the old legs feel in the morning. 🙂

  1. Wow, I see you are seriously considering a tri. That’s awesome!
    Your legs felt heavy because the muscle groups used for running are different than the ones for cycling. That also impacts how you do you bike fitting. Also, instead of coasting to end the ride I would recommend spinning on an easy gear.
    Congratulations, Andrew! Keep training.

    • kelly jedele
    • February 27th, 2010

    Great job Andrew! I look forward to seeing you out on the course!

  1. January 4th, 2012

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