I’m gunna TRI

So last Sunday afternoon I hooked up for a ride with my buddies Matt & Luke. We were in the mood for a leisurely stroll as neither of them are big cyclists (yet) and I wanted to get some miles. I decided I would ride to Matt’s to add some extra distance. 7 miles in the headwind later, I arrive and the three of us head off. Luke is a very physically active person and last year did the Rookie Tri. We were enjoying the ride and talking about how Matt & Luke both rock at running, and how I had just taken up swimming again. At some point during our ride, we all came to the conclusion that we would go home and all register for the Rookie Tri. Which after I got home, I did. Crap, did I just do that? There’s no backing out now. Fortunately for me the stats for the Rookie aren’t too bad. It’s a 300m open water swim, 11 mile bike ride, and 2 mile run. The bike and run I can do in my sleep. The date is May 9th, so that gives me plenty of time to remember how to swim adequately and to continue to work on my form. On that note, the swimming is actually going ok… I have to keep reminding myself that I’m not trying to sprint, just endure. I’ve gotten some great pointers from some of my Tri friends including Iron-Man Gustavo who owns VO2TC. I feel more comfortable now since I’ve done several brick’d workouts, and think I’ll be able to juggle adding runs and swims to my weekly regimen while maintaining cycling as my predominant form of calorie burn.

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