the BIG 4-0

No, not that 4-0. The 4-0 as in that’s how much weight I’ve lost! The journey started last year when Jillian and I became frustrated with our sedentary lifestyles. We both decided to eat better, become more active, and do this thing right. I ended at the year mark losing 35 pounds. The latest 5 pounds have been more of a challenge and has taken a little longer. I think part of the issue for me is to continue to strength train and build muscle yet continue to shed fatty weight. Although I still have some pounds to go before I reach my ideal weight I’m feeling great. I’m now watching my body fat percentage a little more closely, and due to humiliation I’m not going to post it… yet. Let’s just say it’s not where I want it to be! The total weight loss now puts me at 168. I’m still trying to think of the last time I saw the 160’s. My guess is it has been since right around the time we got married 7 years ago. I stole the idea for the picture from a friend of a friend. It’s me holding 40 pounds of brisket at HEB. Gives a great visual representation of the weight that’s gone. I can’t even imagine cycling or running carrying that with me! Anyway, here’s to choosing a healthy lifestyle, eating more fruits and veggies, less red meat and being more physically active.

  1. Hope you didn’t buy the 40lbs of brisket

    • oldguy
    • March 4th, 2010

    Dude! That’s awesome!

  2. Look at you go!! I’m so proud of you and excited for you. Look at that smile on your face. Ok now I need to go somewhere and hold 22 lbs of something…

  3. Great job on your accomplishments…..great things are still coming….I know it.

  4. That is a great accomplishment. Congrats.

  5. That shows you have a lot of commitment and determination! I like the idea of the picture, really adds some drama ;0)

    • Camila
    • March 4th, 2010

    That’s awesome! I need to find a 25 pounds of brisket so Gustavo can take a picture too. 😉

  6. Had no idea! Way cool. I’m going to be right behind you with attacking my extra 25 lbs. With rides like last week’s I there might be hope.

    • andy
    • March 4th, 2010


  7. Congrats!! Keep on keepin’ on!

    • Sara
    • March 16th, 2010

    Awesome! Congrats, that is a huge accomplishment. I had a great time riding Pedal Thru the Pines and look forward to riding with you on many more rides this spring!

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