RunFAR Bike TT Season Opener

A lot of my co-workers came in town this week for a user conference, including my friend Jim, who has a pretty awesome Richey break-away bike that he can travel with. Our plan was to sneak some riding in whenever we could during the week. I had remembered seeing some information about a low-key Time Trial posted on twitter. So I asked one of my local cycling buddies about it and decided we should give it a go. The Time Trial runs every other week and is put on by RunFAR. It’s a unique setup where you get a chip, and ride the course whenever you deem appropriate. Then they post the results online. The route itself is pretty straight forward you start at La Crosse on south MOPAC, go down turn around and come back. 8 miles with a gentle climb midway through. So Tuesday after we finished our training we load up the bikes and head out. The location is great because we able to get some warm-up time on the Veloway. When we finished warming up I started to notice several of my Team Austin Cycle Camp riding buddies and others who I had conversed with online but never in person. So it was pretty cool getting to chat for a bit. After we got our chips and oogled over the superfast TT bikes others had we head up to the starting line. It was a quick course, with a brutal wind on the backside. I mashed my pedals for as long as I could and came away with a decent time, 24:01. I hit the one goal i wanted, 20mph average. Up and away from here!

Editors note: this was totally supposed to be posted like 3 weeks ago…

  1. Your time is right in my neck of the woods. Hope to see you at future TTs.

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