Today’s the last day of August, wow that’s hard to believe! It’s been a super eventful year and I’ve personally seen lots of growth while exploring the Triathlon world. The past week or so I’ve been sitting down looking at race calendars for the rest of the year. While there are still several triathlons in the Austin area, my funds aren’t and I’m not sponsored yet. It’s quite the challenge trying to budget for everything when both myself and my wife are active, being frugal and having two small children to care for. (We constantly fast forward a couple of years to ‘free school’ and smile). Nonetheless I am already signed up for a couple of long-distance cycling events. Thus the title of my post, focus. I will continue to maintain my fitness levels in swimming and running, but am shifting my needed focus to cycling miles in order to be ready for these long rides. Now that the weather should begin to taper off any week now will also help. My wife is training for the San Antonio Half Marathon in November so I’ve been getting creative with my riding. Earlier morning rides, and thanks to bicycle magazine for an awesome article on interval rides are ensuring that my training isn’t for naught. So what am I riding you ask?

First I hope to be randomly selected (or otherwise if I can figure out how) for the first ever Bike to the Bash. It’s the coolest free ride EVER. And put on by my team, Austin Cycle Camp. It’s a ride from Austin to San Antonio, and lots of fun to ensue.

The city of Round Rock hosts a ride called the Outlaw 100. And as the name implies it’s a century ride. Being as it’s in my backyard I’m excited for this to be my first bonafied century. It routes along a lot of the roads I ride normally anyhow. It usually coinsides with the timing for the LiveSTRONG challenge, but I lucked out this year.

Then finally, I’ll be riding in the LiveSTRONG Challenge Austin again. Rather than the 65 miles of hill country I rode last year, I’ll be pedaling out the full 90 mile route. I’m really excited as this is an awesome ride for such a great cause. Speaking of which, if you haven’t donated to support my ride, please click here. Every bit counts. And it all helps fight the war on cancer. I’ll be riding for all of those friends and family members who are fighting or have lost their fight with cancer. I would love your support by sharing your stories with me to help finish out the miles I ride.

Keeping 2 wheels down…

  1. You’ve got some great cycling events coming up and I’m happy to be joining you for the 90 Mile Livestrong Challenge. It’s going to be great to meet up with you and get some miles in together.


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