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Fit and Fat?

Fit versus Fat. Or is it? Is it possible to be fit AND fat? Unfortunately yes. Many experienced scholars have written on the subject (a few articles linked below), but I wanted to briefly touch on it. Why? Triathlon racing season is right around the corner for me and I’m a little fluffy. It’s common (and healthy) for athletes to gain a little weight in the off season. This fact was also multiplied for me post Houston Marathon.

Several members of Big Pistachio Racing Team were lamenting our off season weight. After finally stepping back on the scale, I knew it was time to get back to work. We quickly worked up a scheme to get our team ready for race and bikini season… “The Big Crackdown Challenge.” Everyone would begin by using a Bod Pod analysis from our friends at Castle Hill Fitness. Teams would be split male vs. female, based on total weight, lean muscle mass, and body fat mass percentages from start to end. A two month challenge and a way to support each other and meet our goals.

The odd phenomenon of fit and fat is perplexing.andrew bod pod For instance last week I logged 10 solid hours of training via swimming, cycling, running and weights. Today I went for my Bod Pod session at Castle Hill. It’s a pretty simple machine and a very quick test. It confirmed my fears, I’m fit and fat. I’m rocking a 22.4% body fat and it is the heaviest I’ve been in over a year.

I don’t want anyone to take my thoughts as demeaning to those who are trying to lose a lot of weight. That’s not my intent. In fact, when I was at my lowest (& will be soon) I have lost over 50 pounds. I have several friends right now who are mid-way through an incredible weight loss journey. It’s inspiring to watch them as well as look back on where I started several years ago.

Now that the numbers are in front of me I can’t shy away,bodpod data it’s time to get to work. Seriously. So back to the fat/fit thing… If I’m already logging close to my ‘max’ training hours right now, how then am I able to lose some additional fat? Simply put, this shows how important diet is versus exercise. There are quite a few little tweaks that I need to make to my diet in order to prepare myself for racing season. Staying closer to leaner proteins, more veggies, more controlled carb intake, less eating out and less beer. There are also no healthy shortcuts, I don’t need to skip meals or overestimate how many calories I’m burning. I’m excited to get it done as my fitness over the winter months has really taken off and I have some nice goals laid out for this year. I know a lot of you are on the journey with me, so what’s your story?

By the Numbers:

Fat-         22.5% 38.8 lbs
Lean-      77.5% 133.6 lbs
Weight- 172.4 lbs
Calf 14.5”, Thigh 23”, Hips 37”, Waist 36.5” (right around the handles), Chest 39”, Shoulders 46”, Bicep Relaxed 12.5”, Bicep Flexed 13.5”


Weight- 155 lbs (-17 lbs)
Fat-         15.5% (-7%) as a side note I realize this is probably not likely unless I lose beyond 17 pounds. It would be virtually impossible to ensure all of my weight loss at this point is purely fat. But it’s a goal nonetheless to see what 15% would look like.